Faith in Books: City of Ashes

City of Ashes

By Cassandra Clare


As the City of Bones movie is now out in theaters, it only seemed right to review City of Bones, the second book in the Mortal Instrument series by Clare. The adventure begins not long after the first book ends. There is still a love triangle with Clary, Simon and Jace but it has a few twists added. Clary’s mother is still in a coma. Valentine is after yet another mortal instrument. Clary is still trying to figure out her role as a Shadowhunter. 

And all the adults are still evil.

What I mean is that the teenagers are  pretty much on their own. Only two adults seem to have any sense at all, yet they are the ones taking orders from the teens. Every other adult seems to have it out for either Jace or Clary. Both of them as well as their friends make some very stupid choices. They are reckless and run into awful situations without any adult help or assistance. Most of the adults are after punishing one or more of the teens (although with all their unsupervised running around, it is not too surprising). Both Clary and Jace discover new abilities, Simon makes a very poor choice that affects his future and other friends develop romantic relationships. 

The book ends, of course, on another sort of cliffhanger but there are hints to what will happen in the final book. Now to go see the movie….

What did this book have to do with my faith? Are adults evil? Can grown-ups even be trusted? Jesus tells his disciples to be like children in the faith and to accept a little child in their midst. There is something intriging about having a child-like faith. Anyone who raises a child in the Christian faith and hears their beliefs and understandings may relate to this. Children are not looking for proof or answers. They accept things about God and creation at face value. Faith is much more simple for children than it is for adults. But, as an adult, it is good to no longer be a child. The scriptures also tell us to put away childish things. We need mature faith. And that comes with age and experience. No, grown-ups are not evil. But we do wrestle more with evil and have seen more evil in our lives. Sometimes it shakes up our faith. But experiencing suffering and evil can make our faith that much stronger. 

I highly recommend City of Ashes – especially for those of you who are following the series. 

Happy reading!


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