Faith in Books: The Collector


The Collector

By Victoria Scott

The Collector is the first in a Young Adult (read teen) trilogy by Scott. The book is about a damned soul who collects living people’s souls so that they won’t go to heaven. Dante appears to be alive to others. He has money to burn, can’t be killed (he’s already dead), heals quickly and looks hot, of course. His dead job prevents him from spending his afterlife in torment. So, he takes on a “special assignment” that he believes will earn him a promotion but he only has ten days to accomplish it.  

Charlie Cooper is his special assignment. She is a foster teen who is actually nice, kind and good. She has started a community outreach to help others. She has never stolen, disobeyed the rules or had a boyfriend. She does have two flakey friends who are incredibly mistrustful of Dante. 

Dante’s work is cut out for him. Time is running out to complete this assignment and Dante begins to care more for Charlie than he should. 

I had read a couple of reviews that said that Dante is not a nice character. They were right about that. I was not particularly fond of Charlie, either (I actually liked her friends Blue and Annabelle better). However, both of these main characters grew on me. There was a mystery surrounding Dante’s mission that was not made clear enough by the end of the book for my understanding. But there are too more books (The Liberator came out this month) so perhaps it will be made clearer at some point.

What did this book have to do with my faith? IS there a demon or formerly living soul out to collect mine?  Do they appear as someone living in my neighborhood, school, workplace or library? Or should I just know that I am always being tempted — but not particularly by a soul collector? I do understand that God has given all of us free will. The book also reminded me of something else I understand about my faith: because of Jesus’ death I can be forgiven of my sins. Completely. Even if a collector had marked me with his mark, God can always turn that around. Aren’t you happy and thankful about that? I know I am!

I recommend The Collector.

Happy reading!



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