Faith in Books: Emerald Green


Emerald Green

By Kerstin Gier

Emerald Green is the final book in the Ruby Red Trilogy. Although I liked the way Gier ended the book, there were sections where I felt lost and had a hard time connecting plots, characters and timelines. I also wished she had spent more time on the relationship between the two main characters, Gwen and Gideon.

Gwen is one of twelve time travelers who use a special device called the chronograph to go back into the past. Once the blood of all twelve are in this device, it is said that a substance will be generated that will end all disease and death for humanity. However, the scary leader from the past, Count Saint-Germain, may be out for himself rather than others. To make matters worse, Gideon has broken Gwen’s heart and even her ability to see and speak with ghosts is not enough to help her through this rough time.

I so enjoyed both Ruby Red and Sapphire Blue that I was really looking forward to this final book in the series. Perhaps Gier tried to do too much, but I did not enjoy it as well. In fact, I didn’t read like mad through this book like I had the other two. I am still uncertain what was missing. Of course I understand that the book has been translated from German. Perhaps something was lost in that translation.

What did this book have to do with my faith? One of the main issues in the book is immortality. Saint-Germain wants immortality at the cost of anyone or anything else. When one of the other characters discovers that they have immortality, they don’t want it. I suppose it is the nature of human beings to desire avoiding death. In fact, the attraction of Christianity is to live forever — in Christ. We are not certain if this will be a spiritual life or a bodily resurrection. In fact, scripture points to the latter while our traditions, hymns and funeral customs point to the former. Most of us are more comfortable with the idea of living on in a spiritual way in a heavenly place because that is what we have been taught. But what does it really mean to live forever? Would we know how long we were alive? How conscious would we be of time? Or would that have no meaning for us? No answers today, just some things to think about!

I recommend Emerald Green for anyone reading the Ruby Red Trilogy.

Happy reading!


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