Faith in Books: A Dog Named Boo


A Dog Named Boo

 By Lisa J Edwards

 A Dog Named Boo is a non-fiction book about a dog named Boo and the life lessons he taught his owner, Lisa Edwards. Edwards is a certified dog trainer who works with her own dogs as well as trains others to work with theirs. Her specialty is dog therapy. Her dogs visit with children, the elderly and other adults to help them learn and/or improve their physical and mental situation. 

 Edwards adopted Boo as a puppy and noticed not long after that Boo was “different.” Although her husband and others grew extremely frustrated with Boo, Edwards continued to work with him. In the end, he was the best dog to work with children with learning disorders and psychological problems. He seemed to know how to reach adults who were in states of distress or mental problems. He also had the tolerance for behavior that would normally overexcite or provoke a negative reaction in most normal therapy dogs. Edwards work with Boo was rewarded in ways she had never dreamed. 

 If you like dogs, this is a great book for you. If you like seeing how those who are different can help others in unexpected ways, this is your type of book. For those who are not dog fans, this may not be your cup of tea. Also, be aware that Edwards writes candidly about her own sexual abuse from her alcoholic father. 

 What did this book have to do with my faith? In Christianity, there is an understanding from Jesus’ actions on the way to the cross and Paul’s theology that weakness can actually be a strength. For Christians, our weaknesses can be vessels for God’s strength. When we are weak rather than strong, people can see God’s power as something other than our own power or talents. Also, sometimes when we are weak it helps others to shine or gives them a chance to explore gifts that they never knew they possessed. Turning the other cheek is not a natural response. Being weak seems like something for sissies. But accepting our weaknessess and living with them can actually need more courage than responding from a position of strength. Boo’s “weaknessess” became ways to reach more children and adults and increase their quality of life as well has helped Edwards have faith in her own abilities. She simply had to be patient with him until his – and her-  true abilities became apparent.

I recommend A Dog Named Boo.

Happy reading!


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