Faith in Books: Torn and Twisted


Torn and Twisted

By K A Robinson

I have read several books in the new young adult genre which mainly focuses on the romantic relationships of college and post-collage aged young adults. I have not reviewed any of these books but decided to do so on the two I just read: Torn and Twisted by K. A. Robinson. I had read a couple of reviews on amazon and it seemed like the second book would be better than the first but I felt I needed to read both. 

Chloe Richards is a freshman in college where she heavily depends on her two best friends, Logan and Amber. When she meets Drake, she is fascinated by this tattooed rocker who is in a couple of her classes. Everyone, Drake included, warn her about getting involved with him but she doesn’t listen. However, she makes the mistake of sleeping with him only after she has begun a serious relationship with Logan. You can see the drama developing from here in the first book. 

In the second book, Chloe’s story continues the drama but her abusive, drug addict mother is included along with yet another young man who would like to establish a relationship on more than friendship. Chloe’s only relatives as well as Drake’s band all play a part in the story with cameos from Amber and Logan. While Chloe faces family drama and heartache, Drake wrestles with his own demons from his womanizing and drug addiction past. 

These books are not for the faint-hearted. Violence, abuse, cursing, drug use, sex and other adult issues are frequently described. Although Chloe is described by others as sweet and caring, she does not always appear so as she seems wrapped up in her own world, not realizing that her need to be loved, held and hugged can easily be misinterpreted by men. She often withholds essential information in attempts to make others feel better about themselves. She may practically be an innocent but her sexual behavior makes one wonder about her on more than one occasion. And how come people are so willing to give her bank accounts with thousands of dollars? Must be nice. I came away from both books not sure if I really liked her as a character. I liked Drake in the first book but not so much in the second. 

What did this book have to do with faith? I think that abuse (physical, mental or sexual) by a parent has got to be one of the most horrific experiences that any child could go through. The one who is supposed to protect, nurture and love has instead turned their own hatred, violence and problems on to that helpless individual. It is a wonder that anyone who has faced abuse as a child can see God as any kind of father or parental figure. At one point Chloe talks about trying to pray although she never has before. No wonder she’s never prayed to “our Father in heaven” when she doesn’t trust her own parent. I was never abused as a child but it is very possible some of you have. How did you overcome this abuse to begin trusting God? Do you see God as someone who has helped you through this or abandoned you in your greatest need? 

I can’t really recommend either book (and now there is a third book out, Tainted, which I don’t plan to read) unless you just want to see what this kind of genre is like.

Happy reading!


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