Faith in Books: Conspiracy 365


Conspiracy 365

By Gabrielle Lord

Conspiracy 365 is actually a series of books beginning with the first 12 which are designated January through December. The books are set in Australia and feature Cal Ormond, a fifteen year old who has recently lost his father. When a strange man accosts him on December 31 and tells him he as 365 days to try to outrun death, Cal is almost immediately forced to go on the run while trying to figure out what the man was saying to him. What is the Ormond Singularity and why do people want to kill Cal for it?

Cal becomes a hunted fugitive and has to live on the streets. While not the smartest boy, it is amazing how he is able to survive and to make friends. However, how many of his new friends can he trust? His buddy Boges helps him when he is able, but the police and others are constantly watching him. Cal is constantly getting into and out of trouble including nearly dying or being arrested. Eleven of the twelve books end in a huge cliffhanger so it is highly recommended to have the next one on hand so you can find out if he makes it and how.

These books are great for ages 11-16. But even adults can enjoy them! They are an easy read – I could finish one book in a couple of hours. There is some violence but the worst is really in the final book. Living on the streets may also appear to be a bit romanticized but I think Lord does a good job to get the message across that it is also very dangerous. So far, I don’t recommend the books set after the original 365 days. I am looking forward to see what the television show based in the books is like.

What did these books have to do with my faith? How determined are we to stick to our faith? I loved how Cal, even when it seemed like no one believed in him, stuck with trying to find the answers to his questions as well as to prove his innocence. If someone tried to condemn me for believing in Christ, would I be willing to live on the streets and be on the run just to follow Christ? Or would I give in to the secular thoughts around me? Would it be easier to give up or to keep going, even when that meant being separated from those I loved and a certain future? How determined are you to follow Christ?

I recommend the first year of Conspiracy 365.

Happy reading!


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