Faith in Books: The Crown Tower


The Crown Tower

By Michael J Sullivan

The Crown Tower is the first of the Riyria Chronicles, a prequel to the Riyria Revelations series. First let me way that Sullivan is one of my favorite authors and I was really excited about this book. You can read it without having read the Revelations series. It really delves into the beginnings of the odd friendship between Hadrian Blackwater and Royce Melborn. The whole series is fantasy fiction and has lots of swords, wizardry and evil villains.

The Crown Tower is written from two points of view: Hadrian’s and Gwen DeLancy’s. For those of you who have read the original series, you will know who these characters are. I love Hadrian and really liked getting his insights on life. He is at a particularly low point at the beginning of the book and it is wonderful to see how becoming friends with Royce changes him for the better. I have never cared for Gwen but it was good to see her innocent beginnings. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of reading the series, you need to do so now! This book is a great beginning and does not give away anything for later adventures.

What did this book have to do with my faith? Both Gwen and Hadrian need hope. Both characters seem to have been waiting for something that has never come to pass. Because of circumstances, Gwen takes a chance and takes action because she feels the time is right. Hadrian sticks with Royce even when Royce would have abandoned him to his own fate. This gives Hadrian purpose and new life. It also saves Royce from an uncertain future. How do we as Christians use our hope? I was thinking today about how solemn folks are when they come to sunrise service on Easter Sunday. Of course, many have yet to have their coffee. But why are we always so serious? Don’t we have hope in the risen Lord? Instead of being solemn we should be joyfully laughing and even dancing. We should be acting on our hope the rest of the year as well, even when life isn’t perfect. Just like Gwen and Hadrian do in this book.

I highly recommend The Crown Tower.

Happy reading!


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