Faith in Books: Endless Knight


Endless Knight

By Kresley Cole

Endless Knight is the second book in the Arcana Chronicles. I was assuming there would only be three of such books but now I am not so sure. The first book was more of a dystopian romance for older teens. This book was much darker and introduced a new character: Death. Evie and Jack become closer as well as farther away in this second installment. The idea of reincarnation also plays a major role in Endless Knight.

Evie is beginning to find her way in this strange world. She is slowly maturing as well as realizing what she is capable of, even when that means acting in a violent manner. She is still way too trusting and that still gets her into trouble. In addition, she really wants to put a stop to the Arcana game but she is going to have to work to make this come true. Would this really be possible? Or are the 22 tarot characters too intrenched in their own agenda to be able to make that happen?

Death is a complex character. He is attracted to Evie yet wants to use her for his own agenda. He is cruel to her and to others, yet he understands what it is like to be truly lonely and does not wish life that on anyone else. Evie is also attracted to him — or is it her past reincarnations that are getting to her? Is she in love with Jack or falling for Death? Can she trust Death or should she remain faithful to Jack? The ending is quite the cliffhanger but the next book (Dead of Winter) will not be out until later in the year (I think I read somewhere in May but I can’t find the reference).

What did this book have to do with my faith? Thank goodness we don’t have to worry about reincarnation! I have enough troubles in this life without worrying about past lives or future ones. Evie keeps having visions (or flashbacks) of how she has interacted with Death in the past. Although these glimpses help her both figure out how to act around Death as well as motivate her to create a different future, they still make her question her current decisions. When she finds out a major secret from a past life, she has a hard time understanding her own feelings. Aren’t you glad that we have eternal life in Christ without having to live a new one on earth?

I recommend Endless Knight, especially if you read the first book, Poison Princess. Just be aware that it contains mature subject matter, violence, abuse and language.

Happy reading!


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