Faith in Books: The Elite


The Elite

By Kiera Cass

This is the second book in the series and it is so good that I kept having to put it down! Yes, I know, the mark of a good book should be that you can’t put it down but a very good book is when you have to keep putting it down because you, the reader, become emotionally involved and it just becomes too much. This is what happened to me with The Elite.

The story of America Singer continues as she tries to figure out who to choose: Prince Maxon or Aspen, now of the palace guard. Not only is she trying to figure out her heart but her loyalties come into question. I like how Cass makes you wonder by the end of the book if America is really strong enough for any of the decisions she must make. Personally, I think she needs to dump both guys and really do something for the good of her country — and possibly herself. I really like grappling with America’s character and the plot. Now I have to wait until May for the final book in the series – argh!

What did this book have to do with my faith? The issue that was most prevalent to me was the compassion that America has for others and for her country. No one else really seems to have the kind of compassion that America possesses. Her compassion makes her vulnerable yet appealing at the same time. It also means she creates powerful enemies. Compassion in real life is often the same way. If we extend compassion we might be labeled “soft” or liberal. Compassion is seen as something contrary to a strong person. But is it? Jesus showed compassion many times and he is not weak at all. How do I show compassion as a Christian? I don’t think I do enough because I am thinking of my own needs or the needs of my job first. Compassion is a heart or even gut feeling that defies logic. It is more about relationships than success. How compassionate are most Christians and can we use Christ as a better example for our own compassion?

I highly recommend this book but make sure you read The Selection first!

Happy reading!


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