Faith in Books: Kitty Rocks the House


Kitty Rocks the House

By Carrie Vaughn

I have always enjoyed the Vaughn novels about Kitty Norville, a radio personality who also happens to be a werewolf. Sometimes the story lines are a little too much but Vaughn’s quirky sense of humor makes the characters fun to read about. If you have not read any of the previous adventures, you may be a bit lost in Kitty Rocks the House. I find myself a bit behind in reading the series.

In this eleventh(!) installment, danger continues to threaten Kitty, the local vampire community and the city of Denver. Carrie’s challenges include a new member of the pack, a mysterious visiting vampire who has caused Rick to become incommunicado, Cormac and his new sidekick, Detective Hardin and the whole worrisome Long Game. I was pleasantly surprised at how Vaughn continues to develop the main characters.

What did this book have to do with my faith? The character of Rick the vampire shows up as surprisingly religious in this book. He attests that he has never lost his faith in God and still believes that creeds, commandments and doctrines of his Roman Catholic faith. In fact, he says that his faith is what has kept him more human than most older and powerful vampires. In most fiction dealing with vampires, faith in God is usually not something vampires seem to have. Most see God as having rejected them, seeing themselves as now soul-less and damned. Rick’s faith was very refreshing. It also made me wonder about those people who have lived such evil lives and feel that they could never be forgiven. But even Jesus said there was only one unforgivable sin – blaspheming the Holy Spirit (which I still don’t know what that means, exactly). Do we not realize that God is that merciful? Can we comprehend Christ’s love and sacrifice for even the worst that humanity has to offer? We would rather see some judgment, wouldn’t we? Especially for cold blooded killers that remind us of fictional vampires.

I recommend this book for Kitty fans everywhere.

Happy reading!


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