Faith in Books: Killer Frost


Killer Frost

By Jennifer Estep

Okay, I seem to be not recommending books lately and I am so sorry about that! I also seem to be reading a lot of teen fiction. Maybe there is a correlation here? : ) So, unless you have been keeping up with the Mythos Academy novels, you may not want to read this one. In fact, I realized while reading that I had actually missed one of the novels but I wasn’t motivated to stop and read it. I just wanted to be finished with this book and this series.

Okay, I have to admit that I really enjoyed the first four books in this series. I was looking forward to this one; I pre-ordered this because it was coming out on my birthday! I was sadly disappointed.

In the beginning of the series, Gwen Frost started out as a character who did not have a lot of self-confidence and hid this behind a snarky, yet endearing, personality. In this book she has become everyone’s hero but still uses her sarcasm as a weapon which I think does not make her endearing as much as annoying. Her relationship with Logan was luke-warm at the beginning of the book yet somehow they got closer to the end. How did this happen?  I never felt like they truly worked through their problems. In addition, Gwen constantly does stupid things and those closest to her do their best to help her carry them out. Shouldn’t someone be the voice of wisdom for this poor girl?

Another thing, which bothers me in other books as well, how can someone be busy fighting yet report in detail what is happening with those fighting around them? Lots of details about everyone during combat, yet the whole book is from Gwen’s point of view. Also, how come Gwen sits in on all the important meetings of the Protectorate? They act like they know that Gwen is there only hope way before Gwen reveals this to her friends. I guess all the characters and the plot seemed a bit superficial in this last book. Maybe Estep was as ready to end things as I was to get to page 336.

What did this book have to do with my faith? In this series, Gwen is the goddess Nike’s champion. That brings the question home to me: whose champion am I? Should I not be the champion of God? Christ? The whole Trinity? Whose side am I fighting on? Am I in training to defend the gospel? Could God really call on me in times when the enemy is at the gates? Would you like to be God’s champion?

I will read other books by Estep but I will say farewell to this series.

Happy reading (which is what Estep also wishes at the end her closing comments)!


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