Faith in Books: Shiver




By Maggie Stiefvater

Shiver is a teen paranormal romance book about werewolves. But what a different twist on the whole werewolf myth! In Shiver, werewolves are created by being bitten but only turn into wolves in colder weather. As they age, they eventually become wolves year-round. The only human part they keep are their eyes. 

Grace was bitten as a young child but was saved by a particular wolf. This wolf had beautiful silver eyes. When she meets Sam, she recognizes those eyes. Yet, Sam has only one season left before he becomes a werewolf forever. And Grace seems to have avoided becoming a wolf for unknown reasons. As the pack is being hunted down after a newly bitten wolf becomes aggressive, time is truly running out for them all.

I really enjoyed this book! The only negative would be Grace’s  parents — they are truly bad, irresponsible and self-absorbed parents. I suppose it works for the plot but actually makes you sorry for Grace. I would almost understand it if they were addicts of some sort but they seem pretty clean in that department. The book does have adult themes and scenes, so it is not appropriate for younger teens.

What does this book have to do with my faith? From Shiver: “Grace persisted, ‘Tell me, then. Is it science? Or is it magic? What you are?’ ‘Does it matter which?’ ‘Of course,’ she said, and her voice was frustrated. ‘Magic would be intangible. Science has cures. Haven’t you ever wondered how it all started?’ I didn’t open my eyes. ‘One day a wolf bit a man and the man caught it. Magic or science, it’s all the same. The only thing magical about it is that we can’t explain it’ (Pages 244-245).” Do we think of faith in the same way? Is it difference from science because we can’t explain it? Is this why some people refuse to believe because they want an explanation for everything? Is that what makes faith special, God worth worshipping? Is our faith intangible? Something to think about.

I highly recommend Shiver.

Happy reading!


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