Faith in Books: Alliance


Alliance: The Paladin Prophecy Book 2

By Mark Frost

I thoroughly enjoyed the first Paladin Prophecy book. It was awesome! However, a few months had passed since I read it so when I started Alliance I had a hard time remembering the previous book. In fact, I felt incredibly lost for the first 50 pages or so which is unusual for me. Sometimes I get tired of all the backstory in books but this time I guess I needed more. However, by the end of the book I was back into the story.

Alliance continues the story of Will West and his friends Elise, Ajay, Nick and Brooke at the high school called The Center. During his first school year, Will not only learned about his own abilities but also some secrets about his parents, his world and aliens. He and his friends stay at the boarding school in order to learn more and overcome the evil that seems to spell doom for the entire earth. What he doesn’t realize is that it may be one of his closest friends who is the real enemy. 

What did this book have to do with my faith? One thing I love about this series is the list of life rules that Will’s father has written and made him memories. #70 comes into play in this novel. It says: “when you’re in trouble, emphasize your strengths.” Will and his friends do just that. They learn to use their strengths in various situations and challenges. None of them try to be in charge when they know who has that leadership skill. When they need something physical done, they call on Nick. Computer? They call on Ajay. Someone needs to run? Will is their man. As Christians, we can learn a lot from these kids. The Holy Spirit has given all baptized Christians Spiritual Gifts. But we often don’t pay attention to our own gifts much less those of our brothers and sisters. What could we accomplish if we made sure each person discovered, honed, and used their Spiritual Gifts when they were needed? Instead, we often try to do it all ourselves. Cough. Cough.

I recommend this book if you read the first one but you may want to wait until the final book comes out.

Happy reading!


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