Faith In Books: It Takes an Egg Timer


It Takes an Egg Timer: A Guide to Creating the Time of Your Life

By Joanne Tombrakos

One of the biggest excuses for not creating the change we want is that we are convinced we just don’t have the time. We’re already on overload. How can we possibly fit one more thing in? We’re convinced we have not a moment to do those things we have to do, much less what we yearn most to. Tombrakos wants to prove that excuse wrong. She insists that you do have enough time for everything you have to do and want to, and then some. It’s just a question of what you are letting get in the way.

This was a free amazon kindle book that I decided to read just because it was, well, free. And I learned a whole lot from this simple and quick read. It did cost me a few bucks for an egg timer, though. I purchased one because Tombrakos says that using your iPhone timer does not have the same effect as the ticking of the egg timer. And she is right — there is something about being aware of the passage of a limited amount of time that can keep you focused and on task. I need to be kept on task as I am easily distracted (the reason it takes me so long to get these reviews written).

What in the world does this book have to do with my faith? In our spiritual lives there are two kinds of time: chronos and kairos. Chronos is regular worldly time — the same time that an egg timer ticks off. Kairos is God’s time; this is time that can’t be measured by clocks or the turn of the earth. When we say things will happen in God’s time, we are talking about kairos. This book helped me to realize that I have been misusing my chronos. And I think I have also been neglecting kairos as I seem to pray for and want things to happen on my own schedule rather than God’s schedule. I may tell God I will wait for God’s perfect timing but that is really not true as I would rather God stuck with my own schedule. What kind of time are you following today?

I recommend It Takes An Egg Timer.

Happy reading!


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