Faith in Books: The Snowman


The Snowman

By Jo Nesbo

Translated from the Norwegian by Don Bartlett

The Snowman is not Nesbo’s latest Harry Hole mystery but it is one of the best in the series. It takes place in Norway and much of the action comes very close to Harry. The language can be rather strong and there is a great deal of violence and descriptions of the murder scenes. There are also several chapters in which the point of view is from the victim. However, if you like excitement, mystery and biting your fingernails, this will be a treat. 

Harry Hole has been trained to identify and solve serial killings. However, Norway has never had a serial killer. Then, the connections between missing women, a local doctor and snowmen become more and more obvious. Hole is going to chase several rabbits and find out that he has been watched and manipulated by the killer as well as others close to him. Always a drink away from a numbing binge, Harry has to make choices and stay one step ahead if he is going to save lives – including his own.  

What did this book have to do with my faith? How often do we like to “play God?” You know what I mean — we tend to act like we are the ones who truly have our future in our hands or our fate sealed. We are the ones in control, we don’t need anyone much less a god in our lives. For many of the charters in The Snowman, life is a game and some of the characters play it as though they were God. They become judge and jury, they decide who is guilty and who must be punished. The truth is that we are not God nor are we gods. We are human beings and on an equal footing with other human beings. Our faith helps us through life because it gives us eternal life. We are not perfect but we do trust that God will do a good work through us, despite our weaknesses. Harry Hole, the main character, does not depend on God. Harry either worships his job or alcohol. For a character who is so rough and anti-social, he also seems to have incredible compassion and a respect for life. Makes me wonder what he would be like if he let God in his soul. 

I recommend this book for mystery fans and thrill seekers. 

Happy reading!


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