Faith in Books: Rebel Belle


Rebel Belle

By Rachel Hawkins

I keep telling myself not to read another first book of a trilogy or series but I did it again. Gotta love this title! And yes, it is set in my own home state of Alabama. This would be classified as a teen paranormal romance.

Harper Price has the perfect life and she works overtime to make sure all the committees she serves on work perfectly so that her school and home are the best they can be. Too bad her boyfriend seems like one more thing on her t0-do list or that her childhood nemesis keeps writing negative articles about her in the school newspaper. But nothing prepares her for the night of Homecoming when she is about to be crowned and has to run to the restroom to put on lipgloss. After being barricaded in the restroom by the janitor, receiving something in his dying kiss, and then attacked by one of her teachers with a scimitar, Harper rises to the occasion and kills him. With her shoe. She misses the moment of crowning but that is nothing compared to the way her life has changed. She is now a Paladin and must protect the last person she wants to spend any time with.

I had hard time understanding this character at first. In my high school experience, I was far from the homecoming/popular crowd so her point of view was alien to me. I enjoy the  characters who are more on the fringe. However, Harper is more the super A-type personality than anything and her actions cover up a great deal of grief and shame in her family life. The romance was predictable but the ending was a surprise.

What did this book have to do with my faith? Harper must protect the Oracle who foresees the future. There are some hints as to what will happen in the future of the characters in the book. One of the spiritual gifts that Christians receive is prophecy. Some people say that just means to share God’s message in a way that others can receive it. I think that is part of that spiritual gift. The other part is actually receiving glimpses of the future. Prophecy is one of my spiritual gifts and I do not like it. I would have never chosen this gift. It isn’t like I can pick and choose views of the future like a gypsy or tarot card reader. However, when I am in a spiritually whole place, I sometimes get hints or feelings about people or situations. I don’t have visions or hear voices, I just know things. Often I can’t really put my finger on what I feel. I don’t usually say anything to anyone about this which I know is wrong — I need to share these things with other believers. But I am often freaked out by them and keep my mouth shut instead. Wish I were more like the Oracle in this book and shared what God shows me. How are you sharing your spiritual gifts?

I recommend this book for teen paranormal fans.

Happy reading!



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