Faith in Books: 1st To Die


1st To Die: A Women’s Murder Club Novel

By James Patterson

Inspector Lindsay Boxer has just discovered that she has a lethal blood disease. Then she begins investigating a gruesome murder of a newlywed couple. When it become clear that this is a serial killer, Lindsay creates the Women’s Murder Club. The group includes Claire, a medical examiner and Lindsay’s best friend, Cindy, a nosy new reporter who turns out to be a trusted member, and Jill, the assistant to the District Attorney. Lindsay is going to need this group to assist in solving the crimes and help carry her through one of the hardest of life’s challenges.

I think I have only read one other Patterson book. I found it to be a very quick read. Lindsay is a very strong character and I would like to also know more about her friends. There were two things I did not care for in this book. The first was the point of view of the villain. I just have a hard time with that in books. Why is that necessary? The second problem is that the strength of women, whether good or bad characters, is really undermined by the ending of the book. I can’t say why without spoiling it but it was a real let down for me.

What did this book have to do with my faith? I was most disturbed that Lindsay kept putting off telling others, especially her best friend, about her disease. She kept saying she didn’t want to hurt them by sharing her own pain. I had a hard time getting that point of view. For me, I tell those closest to me about what is going on with me. This is for their support as well as for prayers. When things get really rough, I tell my church family and ask for their prayers as well. Lindsay does not have this kind of Christian support group. I find it interesting that she does create a group that ends up being a huge support for her.

I recommend this book for thriller and Patterson fans. I may read more in this series.

Happy reading!


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