Faith in Books: Fifty Shades Darker


Fifty Shades Darker

By E L James

The Fifty Shades Saga continues with this second book. Yes, I do plan on finishing the series. Again, you will find spoilers here. This book really delves into Christian Grey’s past and a fuller sketch of this twisted character begins to take place. There is less time in physical pursuits of their relationship and much more dialogue and action.

What drove me crazy about this book was that every day contained a crisis. From job threats to accidents to evil women, Ana Steele was always involved in some kind of drama. The action seems to lead Christian to try anything and be anyone in order to keep Ana in his life. Will Ana’s character be a stabling influence or will she also go off the deep end? I was hoping for some balance, which I think they did find in the final chapters. I shall see in the next book — a hint of which along with that dreaded evil point of view — ends Darker.

What did this book have to do with my faith? Christian is really a very flawed character but he has such goodness in him that has begun to come out under Ana’s (and others’) love and influence. That doesn’t mean he is good, he just isn’t totally lost. Makes me wonder about family members, friends and acquaintances that act like total you-know-whats. What made them like that? Who made them like that? And is there any hope for them? I believe there is hope — in the love of Christ. Yes, another person can give love that helps someone turn from the direction they are headed. But I shouldn’t blame myself if my own efforts don’t save them. It is Christ’s love that can really turn them completely around.

I recommend this only for fans of the first novel. Not for the timid.

Happy reading!


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