Faith in Books: Night After Night


Night After Night

By Janelle Denison

Sean O’Brien is a former conman who served time for his crimes. He is trying to re-build his life and, thanks to the Reliant Group, he has a respectable job and helps with some private investigations. Zoe Russo is the daughter of the man responsible for putting Sean’s own father behind bars. Russo has disappeared and Sean is asked to befriend Zoe and find out where her father is before the government steps in and freezes his assets. Zoe now thinks she is dating a man she can trust. You can imagine where the plot goes from here.

What I liked was that fact that Sean had a conscience. He was not willing to just abuse Zoe’s willingness to trust him. In fact, he goes out of the way to avoid any real entanglements. What he does not expect is that Zoe is fully able to forgive, forget and love which Sean desperately needs in his own life.

What did this book have to do with my faith? You are only as worthy as you believe you are. Does that make sense? Even if you change, can you believe you are worthy? How many Christians truly believe that they are forgiven, even if they have changed. God’s forgiveness really does erase everything in God’s eyes. We humans are the ones who keep the memories, holding onto the guilt and shame. Adam and Eve needed to come out of the Garden in order to grow and become fuller humans. God forgave us through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. We Christians are the ones who keep bringing up the Garden incident. God has moved on.

I recommend this book for those who don’t mind a spicier romance and some mild language.

Happy reading!



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