Faith in Books: Hex Hall


Hex Hall 

By Rachel Hawkins

Sophie Mercer is a witch trying to live in a human world. After yet another botched spell, her father (whom she has never met) sends her to a paranormal reform school called Hex Hall. There she will have to try and learn how to control her powers as well as get along with other witches, warlocks, shape shifters, faeries, vampires, bullies, mean teachers and hot guys. Sounds about like my own high school experience. Too bad Sophie manages to make herself completely uncool and an outcast plus get detention every week until the end of the semester … in just the first week. Okay, so maybe not like my own experience. This teen romance does have some predictable plot lines but also some surprises. And Sophie is the queen of the comeback – wish I could think so quickly on my feet!

The main premise of the book is that witches/warlocks, shape shifters and faeries came about because of the fall. No, not the fall of humans but the fall of Lucifer into Hell. The story here is that all angels were asked to make a decision: follow God or follow Lucifer. Three angels said they would do neither. They were cast out of heaven and became one of the three creatures listed above (later vampires were created out of these – I think it was a botched spell or something). They call themselves the Prodigium.

If someone asked you to tell them about the creation of Satan and Hell, would you know the story? Could you refer to the Bible verse(s) about this? No? Well, the story about Lucifer as a fallen angel is not really in the bible. There are vague references to it (even Jesus mentions Satan falling) but the stories come to us through Church tradition. Yet, we all take them as scripture. There is nothing wrong with that. But we do need to know what is in the Bible and what is not. Lots of Christians claim the Bible as their authority but how many of them/us are reading or studying God’s word on a regular basis? Just how well do we know the Bible? If we aren’t careful, we could even believe in the Prodigium.

I recommend this series (more reviews coming soon).

Happy reading (and Bible study)!


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