Faith in Books: Fifty Shades Freed


Fifty Shades Freed

By E L James

Finally finished this series. I felt that this third book was a waste of my time. A few answers from the previous plot were provided and Christian finally did open up to Ana. However, it was mostly about kinky romantic times as well as a willingness to participate in more aspects of BDSM. The plot was very predictable and I actually found myself disliking Christian because of his attitude toward those outside of his immediate family.

The last names of the two main characters became very telling.  Christian Grey has fifty shades of grey. He is always shifting from different moods and seems to have various personality traits. It is almost as if he is borderline manic-depressive. Ana is Anastasia Steele and this book showcases her steely strength. She is also a very strong character who gives the impression of being far more mature than Christian. However, with his dominant personality, that would be difficult. Their love for one another is the glue that holds them together. I suppose that is the point of the whole series if not this book alone.

What did this book have to do with my faith? Much of the book describes the ups and downs of becoming a married couple. James is obviously familiar with learning to live with your partner and your own quirks. She is able to write about the various tensions between the newly married using Christian’s possessiveness to highlight these tensions. This made me again realize that the Church has never done a great job in assisting marriages. Many Christians argue against same sex marriages but our support of traditional marriages is far from stellar. Being married is not easy. Our faith can help but many couples need guidance, direction and mentoring. The Church does not seem to know how to provide that. We can provide lots of support in the wedding but not afterwards unless there are problems. How can we do more than provide a great background for the ceremony or a few counseling sessions with the pastor? Is it not Christian to create healthy marriages?

I don’t recommend Fifty Shades Freed unless you read the other Fifty Shades and can’t stand not to read the final book.

Happy reading!


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