Faith in Books: Do Over


Do Over

By Emily Evans

Paisley just wants to do over the last few months: get her parents back together, get this new love interest out of her father’s life, and get back to normal. However, not even the blue celtic stone that would grant the wisher a do over for the last six weeks is really going to help her. She needs to focus on planning for the upcoming prom. Too bad the boy she keeps seeing in a tux is not only a player but also one of her father’s, the high school coach’s, best athletes. Yet, somehow Trey keeps showing up and getting under her skin.

This is a teen romance that only seemed to scratch the surface. Paisley’s relationships with her friends was not shown in depth, her relationship with her mother was practically non-existent despite her dreams of getting her parents back to together, and it would have been a much stronger novel if Trey’s point of view had been included. Also, the idea that a prom committee raised $50,000 was a bit much. I get the impression this was more an outline for a novel than the final product.

Although I think many Christians would like the chance to do some actions over in their lives, there is also the part of the Christian life that is about forgiveness. In forgiveness, we don’t go back and erase what has happened. We cannot go back in time and re-do our actions or words when we forgive. What we can do is accept what happened and move on in a spirit of love. We hope to forget when we forgive although there are exceptions to forgetting. Forgiving does mean that we don’t use what has happened to hate, act in revenge, or hurt someone else. Paisley realizes that if she were able to do everything over, the good things that resulted by the end of the book would not have happened. I know in my own life that this is true as well. God can provide even better things when we forgive.

I cannot really recommend this book but it also isn’t bad for a quick, inexpensive teen read.

Happy reading!


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