Faith in Books: The Husband’s Secret

The Husband’s Secret

By Liane Moriarty

Cecilia finds a letter addressed to herself from her husband to be opened only on the occasion of his death. Her husband is still living. Will she open it? And if she does, could she live with the consequences?

Tess’s husband has been keeping a secret: he has fallen in love with Tess’ best friend and cousin. Could she have lived with not knowing this secret? Now that it is out in the open, what are the consequences of her reactions?

Rachel’s son chose a woman who has announced they are moving to America and are taking Rachel’s beloved grandson. Why did Rachel’s son chose such an unfeeling wife? Rachel does not want to leave her home, especially since she continues to mourn the unsolved murder of her daughter. Her grief on two fronts will cause a great deal of pain for others.

In The Husband’s Secret, these three women become connected in ways they never dreamed.

I am not keeping this book a secret. However, this work of fiction may be too heartbreaking for those who have gone through infidelity in marriage, loss of a child or someone who keeps a secret from those closest to themselves. Does contain some bad language and bedroom issues.

What did this book have to do with my faith? All three women are Catholics. All three celebrate Good Friday and Easter. I would see all three as fairly active if not very active in their local church. Yet, not one of them would be considered a follower of Christ. I would label them as followers of the institution of the church. There is a difference. Sometimes it is far easier to be a church goer than a disciple of Christ. Christ is going to ask the hard things of us such as forgiveness for things both big and small as well as sacrifices in our day to day relationships. When it comes to revealed secrets, forgiveness and sacrifice are probably the best reactions for us to have. If only I could live up to that thought!

I recommend The Husband’s Secret.

Happy reading!

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