Faith in Books: A is for Abstinence


A is for Abstinence

By Kelly Oram

In V is for Virgin, we met Virgin Val who began a whole movement to encourage young people to either remain a virgin until married or be abstinent from this point until marriage. Now comes A is for Abstinence. It will not make too much sense without reading the first book. In addition, this book is aimed at a more mature audience so I would not recommend it to very young or immature teens. 

Val is now in college and has grown up in many ways. In Oram’s first book, we only saw her point of view. In A is for Abstinence, we see Kyle’s point of view. Kyle has grown in many ways as well. He fell in love and got engaged but his fiancé cheated on him. After understanding what romance is like when you are in love, he decides to take Val’s ideas (which he had made fun of to no end) and remain abstinent. He is also beginning a solo career and espousing the abstinent idea as part of his tour. He and Val are brought together again and find that their sparks are still there. Is there a possibility that the future holds more for them? Val isn’t so sure about Kyle and she is fearful that he may break her heart. 

Although this book isn’t as big on convictions, it does teach a lot about beginning again. This is a big part of Christianity. Can someone change or be changed and live life differently? We believe that people can really change through a relationship with Jesus Christ. To repent means to turn around. This book does not contain a Christian or even religious change but Kyle is a new person in many ways. Val does not seem to trust that. She seems to think he is going to go back to being who he was. I wonder how often Christians doubt real changes in other people. I for one have seen big changes. I have also seen “relapses” and folks trying again. That is when the power of forgiveness (not seven times but seventy-seven times) comes into play. Thank God I can be forgiven again and again!

I highly recommend this book for mature readers who loved the first one. I also highly recommend other books by Kelly Oram.

Happy reading!


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