Faith in Books: Josh Whoever


Josh Whoever

By Michael Guillebeau

Josh was known as a hero. But he knows that it was all faked. He tried to live that life but ended up walking out in the middle of a television gameshow. He turned into the kind of con man that he saw his own father had become. Now his latest scam has gotten out of hand. He has the unwanted attention of the Russian mob and a wannabe crime reporter whom he is fast falling for. He doesn’t need anything of this but he keeps trying to find the missing Romanov daughter. As it says on amazon: “he needs to save the girl, stay sober, and keep his identity hidden — or die.”

Josh is a sad yet fascinating character. I want to read more about him. I also love the fact that Guillebeau lives here in Alabama. The book is fast paced with just enough realism to be believable and enough creativity to help you suspend yours.

What is your motivation for doing something for someone else? Do you love God or love them? Do you want to be needed or appreciated? Are you searching for accolades? Josh has always down stuff for Josh – mainly to make some money so that he can drown his life in drink for a period of time. At least until the money runs out. Then he becomes a con man again. In this book he finds himself helping out because he feels sympathy for the mother of the girl who is missing. Sometimes I do the right thing because it is my duty or I feel guilty if I don’t. That isn’t Christian love. At least Josh is moved by someone other than himself. 

I recommend this book but don’t expect a fairy tale ending.

Happy reading!



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